Ancient Native Remedies is a privately owned native company. We make ancient remedies with the finest intentions and ancient techniques and formulas. The formulas we use are all over 2,000 years old. Everything we work with is raw and of the purest of quality. If we don't grow it ourselves,  the suppliers we use only sell organic and heirloom herbs. If you want to purchase any of our products there are shopping cart buttons next to each product throughout the site. If you need additional information on any product e-mail and we will respond within 24 hours. All items are personally made and shipped usually within a few days time. Items are shipped USPostal priority mail which includes tracking and a guarantee of 1-3 days shipping depending on local. We only charge the exact cost to ship from the post office with no additional charges of handling or shipping supply costs. We do ship internationally but rates vary. We do not take returns but will always refund someone's money for anything that is not accepted. Our privacy policy is that necessary information is only used to process a payment and all information collected is never shared with third parties. 

                  You can contact us at 480 772 3327 
     or direct questions can be sent to our email which is  
               [email protected]
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Ancient Wisdom and Forgotten Knowledge