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David began as a medium at the age of 5 when his parents recognized early on his unusual ability to speak to the other side. Unfortunately he was unable to fully integrate with this modern society growing up, and constantly butted heads with those that could not see the truths that had been hidden away. His parents, in an attempt to find him some guidance and comfort with his unusual awareness's, sent him to a privately funded Psychic Research Center that was started in 1974 in the upper Midwest Region. For 2 years he studied and was introduced to everything from Time Suspension to Past Life Regression, experiencing his first series of lost life time memories at the age of 16. He started doing intuitive readings for the general public by the age of 18 and continued that on and off for over 25 years. Again he kept it hidden and mostly limited on a small donation basis for he believed the commercialization of mediums and their work was out of true balance. And that almost all mediums for hire were charlatans confusing a universal gift with a purchasable service. He felt that one should be educated to find their own answers, and be lead to heal themselves if they were to ever to really be cured and evolve. He started expanding that into a more concentrated healing practice in his early 40's as his cellular body started changing, seeking expansion and greater purpose. 

At the age of 48, and at the apex of his return to professional golf full time, he became harrowing ill. He had for years visions to find and acquire sacred land, were he was directed to start an ancient healing center. Shortly thereafter, in finding the right parcels of land that were once ancient Anasazi territory, he suddenly fell deathly ill. With western medicine failing to properly diagnose him and casting him aside, he quickly learned he had also become allergic to all western medicines, leaving him completely isolated. He then had a series of near death experiences where after he was forced to concentrate over 2 years of intensive work in order to heal himself naturally, making his own medicines and advancing his healing abilities. After that he founded his company Ancient Native Remedies, which now has evolved into making more than 70 ancient healing remedies and ancient products. With over a dozen different health practitioners now prescribing his remedies across North America.

He has lived all over the world learning and gaining ancient knowledge and native healing techniques. In studying 3 different forms of Martial Arts he had the incredible privilege of being accepted and trained by the present Grand Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu. An ancient and once forbidden form of fighting and defending against outside enemies using one's own Chi as the source of power and weaponry. He has just released his second book on ancient wisdom entitled “Indiscriminate Concepts”. He is presently making his remedies and teachings available to the masses lecturing and speaking nationwide on his 2 books of ancient native wisdom and knowledge.