Allergy-  Nutritional supplement containing Desert Wildflower Honey                                                                   with local ground and whole Bee Pollen.
​                   Ancient remedy for allergies of all kinds including topical bites

Bee Pollen - It may seem counterintuitive to think that something with the word "pollen" in its title may actually be a powerful tool for combating pollen and other allergies. Yet the supporting evidence of bee pollen's prowess in helping people overcome seasonal and other allergy related conditions is impressive. Allergies result from our body's response to something it has been exposed to, such as chemicals, by-products of the natural world, things we eat, drink, or breathe, or anything that comes in contact with our skin. If the body reacts adversely, such as the case with allergies, the body will release antibodies or histamines. This response is how the immune system attempts to remove or marginalize the impact of the foreign body. With allergies, the body can develop a chronic histamine response, resulting in inflammation throughout the body's skin, membranes, tissues, lungs, etc. One nutrient of particular importance is quercetin. Known for its ability to minimize or neutralize the histamine response, quercetin may be a primary reason for bee pollen's capacity to alleviate inflammation caused by hay fever or other common allergy-causing substances. Also an ancient topical remedy for bites and stings.
Healing Honeys
          Candy - Strong anti-fungal that stops the colonization of the bad
            bacteria. Wildflower honey and peppermint blends into this mix to truly
            makes this candy. Barberry Root bark , Usnea Lichen, Marshmallow Root, 
            and these incredible Amazonian stems and leaves.

Barberry Root Bark - One of the three most common western medicinal roots containing barberine, which has potent antifungal properties. Barberine demonstrates significant antifungal activity while leaving beneficial microflora in the gut intact. Research has shown that barberine can effectively prevent Candida yeasts from producing lipase, an enzyme which they use to help them colonize.
Usnea Lichen – Usnea is used for its antifungal properties and for other infectious ailments including mastitis, urinary tract infections, colds and flus, bronchitis, and sinus infections, strep throat, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.
Marshmallow Root – Marshmallow root contains mucilage, which produces a soothing film on the lining of mucous membranes. The sweet tasting root also contains pectin, sugar, cellulose and a number of nutrients, including vitamin B-complex, calcium, iron and zinc. Mucilage coats the lining of the esophagus, which reduces the burning sensation associated with acid reflux. 
Spilantes leaves and stems– Although mostly known as an ornamental plant it also shows dramatic effects on fungal infections. Spilanthes has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. It also stimulates the flow of saliva and acts as an oral antiseptic reducing swelling, decay, and mouth sores caused by viruses. The leaves are chewed for their numbing effect to reduce pain from toothache. Spilanthes demonstrates immune-enhancing components chemically similar to Echinancea. 
Peppermint – Peppermint is lesser known for its properties as an antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, (although it has been demonstrated in numerous studies). It is more widely used as a stimulant, tonic, anti-spasmodic, stomachic, and is probably most recognized as a carminative (to reduce symptoms of gas, bloating and flatulence)..
Immunity Honey
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Allergy Honey
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Balance Honey
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Strength Honey
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Mind Honey
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Earth Honey
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Heart Honey
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Breathe Honey
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X-pel Honey
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Tum Tum Honey
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Candy Honey
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Candid Honey
Price: $25.00

   Tum Tum - Incredible tummy healer for all complications containing Desert 
              Wildflower Honey, Amla, Holy Basil, Marshmallow, and Aswagandha.
    Heals the esophagus and stomach of all issues including ulcers and colitis

Marshmallow Root - Marshmallow Root is an old-time remedy for gastrointestinal disorders and strengthening the digestive system, because it contains polysaccharides that form a protective layer on the stomach lining and will lower stomach acids. The herb has frequently been used to ease ulcers, peptic ulcers, Crohn's disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and colitis.
Ashwagandha - It has amazing anti-oxidant properties that not just cure indigestion but also works towards strengthening the stomach. It relieves the stomach of bacteria and removes toxins, maintaining balance in the body.
Holy Basil - holy basil has many positive effects on the digestive system. It is often used to clear stagnant digestion. Stagnant digestion is when you eat a meal and feel like it is stuck. One might also experience bloating, gas, decreased appetite and nausea. Holy Basil is also helpful for heartburn and can help to heal ulcers.
Amla - Benefits of Amla for the digestive system include improved appetite and help in digesting food. Amla prevents gastric disorders, acidity, indigestion and dysentery. 

   Immunity  - Immune Booster containing Desert Wildflower Honey, 
                                                 Amla, and Camu- Camu.
                                  Raise your immunity and change your life

​Amla - Indian gooseberry is high in antioxidants and has incredible anti-inflammatory qualities. The second highest food source containing natural vitamin C of 15 times the amount of a single orange.
Camu-Camu - Growing wild along the riverbanks throughout the Amazon rainforest are camu-camu bushes. The fruit they produce is nature’s alternative to expensive and often ineffective vitamin C supplements. Along with the antioxidant and phytochemical benefits of other berries, the camu-camu berry boasts a higher natural vitamin C content than any other known plant with over 60 times the vitamin C of a single orange. It has been shown to prevent diabetes, arthritis, depression, gum disease, and even cancer. Along with immune support, vitamin C appears to balance hormonal mood changes, and increase serotonin levels in the brain.
               X-pelFantastic honey to clear embedded infections. Desert Wildflower Honey,                                                    Elderberry, Lemon peel, Marshmallow and Licorice Roots       
For the uprooting of viruses and infection from the lungs to the digestive system

Licorice Root - Licorice root is an expectorant which helps loosen up the thick yellow, green, or clear mucus in the respiratory system so we can cough it up out of our lungs so we can breathe easier. Licorice root is one of the best herbal remedies for treating and preventing asthma and relieving lung infections. 
Elderberry – The single most effective way to combat virus from the lungs to the stomach. The elderberry coats and strangles virus and pollutants. It then promotes the expulsion of the toxins.
Lemon Peel – Lemon peels, because of its citrus bioflavonoids content, help in eradicating toxic elements present in our body.
Marshmallow Root - Marshmallow Root's particular excellence involves soothing irritated tissue, and it relieves various forms of inflammation, especially of the mucous membranes, since it is high in mucilage, which is very soothing to the membranes. It aids the body in expelling excess fluid and mucous.
Ancient Knowledge

​            Candid The second of two Candida Honeys. This Candida formula stops               
          the focused attack and keeps the Candida under control without harsh effects.
          Cat’s Claw honey with Pau d’arco, Oregon Grape Seed and Black Walnut Hull
          blends into this mix to truly make it a treat not just medicine.

Pau d’arco- Pau D’Arco is used in many parts of the world to treat Candida and other fungal infections. Pau D’Arco has been used as an herbal medicine dating as far back as the time of the Incas. In the more recent past Pau D Arco and certain isolated phytochemicals compounds of the plant have been tested extensively in medical and scientific laboratory environments. Results of these tests have documented effective anti-cancerous, anti-tumor and anti-leukemic properties.
Oregon Grape Seed – It is an amazing Native America Herb. Like Golden Seal Oregon grape contains a bitter alkaloid known as berberine & hydrastine which is an anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial used for the treatment of infection. Berberine and other alkaloids help the body to recover from candida, viral diarrhea, and cholera. It can also help break fevers. Oregon grape extract is used as a blood cleanser which treats acne, nausea, eczema and psoriasis. 
Clove– The effects of clove oil, including its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, have been known and recorded for thousands of years. You'll even find a product in most drug stores today, made from the essential oil of cloves, used in the topical treatment and pain relief of tooth and gum infections.
Cinnamon – Cinnamon shows antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It increases restricted blood flow demonstrating mild anticoagulant properties..
Black Walnut Hull–I Black Walnut Hull is one of the most common ingredients in antifungal antiparasitic, antibacterial and herbal formulations. It’s a natural antiseptic. Black walnut hulls and leaves contain a number of active ingredients, including the omega-3 fatty acid alpha linolenic acid (ALA), sterols, tannins, quinone, iodine and vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid.
       Heart - Fantastic heart and circulatory builder containing Palo Verde 
     Honey, Hawthorn berries and leaves, Blue Green Algae, Arjuna, and Acai berries.
​   Repairs and strengthens heart muscle and supporting pulmonary system

​Hawthorn - 2 million people take hawthorn daily in Japan to strengthen their heart. Hawthorn berries rebuild the heart muscle while the stems and leaves strengthen the pulmonary system and heart valves.  Arjuna – The number one Ayurvedic herb for rebuilding the heart. It has been prescribed for heart strengthening since 2,500 BC.
Blue Green Algae –Increases circulation to and from the heart. Been shown to lower blood pressure and increase arterial connections. 
​Acai –Incredible hearty berry that delivers additional sustenance to rebuild the heart and surrounding tissue.

    Balance​ - Vitality and hormonal balancer containing Mesquite Honey,                                  Tribulus, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and Maca. 
                       Made to rebalance hormones and the nervous system.

​Tribulus - Indian herb that helps increase vitality and fertility.
Ashwagandha - Indian herb known for great anti-stress and immune boosting properties. Helps nourish the nervous system and supporting systems.
Holy Basil - Indian herb best known as a nerve tonic. Balances nervous conditions for regained health and focus.
Maca - Amazonian plant valued for its properties promoting libido, stamina, 
and relief of symptoms of menopause and nerve inflamation.  

   Breathe - Powerful upper respiratory cleanser and balancer containing                   Desert Wildflower Honey, Holy Basil, Elderberry, and Lemon peel.
                       Rapid opening and clearing of the respiratory system 

Holy Basil - In Ayurvedic medicine Holy Basil is also used widely for upper respiratory balancing and clearing. Powerful anti-inflammatory used to greatly improve functioning of the lungs, chest, and throat. 
Elderberry – The single most effective way to combat virus in the upper respiratory system. The elderberry coats and strangles virus and pollutants. It then promotes the expulsion of the toxins.
Lemon Peel –Lemon peels have high amounts of citrus bio-flavonoids, which are a very powerful source for the reduction of Oxidative stress from your body.
                Earth - Grounding effect and great restorer of minerals containing                               Desert Wildflower Honey, Shilajit, Lucuma, and Cacao 
          Quickest and purest way to absorb over 100 incredible minerals

​Shilajit – 14,000 feet in the Himalayan mountains the vegetation grows into the rocks and creates a moss, or Himalayan humus as it is called. It contains 85 ionic minerals readily and easily delivered through this powerful plant. It adds to the full regeneration of your mineral base.
​Lucuma- Amazonian plant valued for its properties promoting its unique and fragrant flavor that resembles maple syrup. Lucuma is low in acid, low in sugar, and contains an excellent source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is especially abundant in beta-carotene, niacin and iron with significant amounts of calcium and phosphorus.
Cacao - Cacao seems to be the #1 source of magnesium of any food. Magnesium is one of the great alkaline minerals. It helps to support the heart, brain, and digestive system (it fights constipation). Magnesium is also important for building strong bones. 

             Mind - Brain food shown to improve memory and focus with Mesquite                                       Honey, Cacao, Bacopa, and Mucuna.
                        Made to replenish your brain awareness and focus

​Bacopa - An Ayurvedic herb for enhanced thinking and a supporter of memory function. Studies have shown an increase of 30 -40 percent short term memory improvement using just Bacopa.
Mucuna – A velvet bean that contains a powerful neurotransmitter (L-dopa) required for proper functioning of the brain. Direct nutrition for the brain and the benefits from it including increased focus and clarity. 
Cacoa - Cacoa contains serotonin which is the primary neurotransmitter in the human body. Cacao is also the greatest source of magnesium of any food. Magnesium balances brain chemistry and has a strong influence on feelings of ease and happiness. 

        Strength - Energy and strengthening formula containing Oak Honey,                                                      Bee pollen, Cacao, and Spirulina.
                        Originaly made for atheletes for ready stamina

​Cacao - Native to Mexico. The base of chocolate and all of its healing properties including blood tonic and heart strengthener.
Spirulina - rich source of nutrients, proteins, B-complex vitamins, and beta-carotene. Said to be the “food of the future”. Spirulina is 65 to 71 percent complete protein with all the essential amino acids in perfect balance.
Bee Pollen - Bee Pollen - Bee pollen is one of the original treasure houses of nutrition and medicine. Each grain contains every important substance necessary to life. Bee Pollen contains all of the nutrients needed to sustain life. In fact, studies have shown that generations of mice have been born and lived on bee pollen exclusively, with no signs of malnourishment. Bee Pollen has high concentrations of the B vitamin complex, and also contains Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Its composition is: approximately 35% protein, 55% carbohydrates, 2% fatty acids, and 3% minerals and vitamins. Because of its B vitamin complex, bee pollen is often taken for increasing energy and vitality. Athletes often use bee pollen for endurance, strength, stamina, and mental clarity. A number of Olympic athletes and prominent professional boxers have attributed their improved energy and stamina to a regular intake of bee pollen. 
​     Pause - A formula for all the imbalances leading into and during menopause.
                   A rare Prickly Pear honey combines with ancient the herbs of Chaste Tree
                   and Ladies Mantle. Maca in a small amount compliments the deficiencies
                   that the condition creates. 

Ladies Mantle- The herb is of considerable value in the treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding and in problems associated with menopause in women. The herbal remedies made from the lady’s mantle also make an excellent tonic for the problems associated with the uterus in women. Lady’s mantle also possesses other beneficial properties that enable it to act as balancer of the internal hormonal actions in the body - this property of the herb in effect enables it to act as a great normalizing during an irregular menstrual cycle. A mild painkilling action is also evident in the herb due to the presence of salicylic acid - this compound helps in easing the painful periods. 
Chaste Tree – Chaste tree has been used to balance progesterone and estrogen production, and to regulate menstruation in women. Although limited data are available, it also has been used for relief of breast pain, ovarian insufficiency, and uterine bleeding, and to increase breast milk production.
Maca - Amazonian plant valued for its properties promoting libido, stamina, and relief of symptoms of menopause.

    Relax - The first of two body relaxing formulas. Anti - inflammatory herbs,
              nerve relaxing herbs and an Amazonian tree bark that pulls the lactic acid
              out of your muscles. Wildflower honey with Chamomile flowers and stems. 
              Ashwagandha, St. John’s wort, and Chuchuasi. 

Chamomile- Chamomile has antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s widely known for its natural sedative qualities. Two of its most common uses are to treat wounds and as a sleep aid.
Ashwagandha – The modern medical uses of Ashwagandha are varied. One area in which it has been helpful is in the treatment of mental health issues. One study in particular gave 30 anxiety sufferers 40 ml doses twice a day of a solution with its major ingredient of Ashwagandha. After 30 days, all anxiety symptoms including panic attacks and paranoia had virtually disappeared. American therapists have also found the herb useful in treating depression. Alcohol dependency, and schizophrenia.
St. John’s Wort - St. John’s wort is one of the most commonly used herbs in the United States. It is a shrubby perennial plant with bright yellow flowers. St. John's wort was named because the flowers were said to bloom for the first time around June 24, the birthday of St. John the Baptist. The word "wort" means "plant" in Old English’s. John’s wort has long been used as a folk remedy for emotional disorders. It was once thought to rid the body of evil spirits. 
Chuchuasi - - It is also used as a muscle relaxant, effectively breaking up and dispersing lactic acid. It enhances virility. The herb shows revitalizing and antioxidant activities as well as it enhancing the immunological system. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are taken advantage of in relieving rheumatic conditions. Chuchuhuasi also helps fight pain due to its analgesic properties. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and valuable in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, MS and alcoholism. Chuchuhuasi helps to rejuvenate the system and revitalize the nervous tissue.Chuchuhuasi is used as an adjuvant in chronic diseases of the nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

     Gout - A traditional remedy for the arthritic condition of Gout. It is
                recommended for almost any inflamitory condition found in the body. 
                Wildflower honey with Tart Cherry , Tumeric, St Johns Wart, and 
                 Dandelion Root. 

Tart Cherry  - Cherries are high in high in anthocyanins, antioxidants and potassium, all nutrients that act to reduce inflammation and contribute to alkalizing the body. An alkaline-forming state is not only helpful in reducing gout pain, but may also reduce inflammation contributing to other forms of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions.
Turmeric  - Turmeric has been used for over 4,000 years to treat illnesses, and for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for treating Gout. Many cultures have used Turmeric as a gout natural remedy because of it’s anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. An ingredient in Turmeric called curcumin is the active ingredient that aids in gout pain relief, inflammation, and swelling.
St. John’s Wort –According to the traditional doctrine of signatures, an herb's physical appearance gives an indication of its specific healing power. Red plants, reminiscent of blood, were felt to be good for wound healing. The red oil in St. John's wort was no exception. Crusaders not only carried the plant to protect themselves from sorcery, but also used the soaked flowers and leaves as an ointment to help heal the wounds of battle. Other traditional folk uses for St. John's Wort include the treatment of gout, rheumatism, and jaundice.
Dandelion Root-Dandelion root is a traditional treatment for gout, because its diuretic properties increase urine flow and the elimination of uric acid.

           AdrenalAdrenal fatigue is so prevalent in this modern high paced
                 society.  Wildflower honey with Ashwagandha, Licorice Root, and 
                 fresh Ginger.

Ashwagandha – The modern medical uses of Ashwagandha are varied. Ashwagandha is one of the most highly regarded and commonly used adaptogens in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. Maximizing the bodies ability to resist stress, it enables the body to reserve and sustain vital energy throughout the day while promoting sound, restful sleep at night. It is considered one of the best herbs for calming Vata and for revitalizing the male reproductive system. Used by both men and women, it maintains proper nourishment of the tissues, particularly muscle and bone, while supporting proper function of the adrenals. This potent herb is also used as an anti-inflammatory to support comfortable joint movement. Ashwagandha prevents or minimizes imbalances that may lead to disease, whether from poor diet, lack of sleep, mental or physical strain, or chemical toxins in the environment.
Licorice Root – Licorice root is a natural herb used by many holistic health practitioners for various health and wellness needs, including the treatment of adrenal fatigue. In fact, many herbalists recommend licorice root to boost adrenal health..Licorice root has been shown to boost energy levels as well as to increase endurance by regulating the production of hormones in the adrenal glands. Popular since ancient times, licorice root is still the second most-often prescribed herb in Chinese medicine. Stressors cause the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline, cortisol, and other hormones. If the stress isn't relieved, these hormones can build up, resulting in high blood pressure and adrenal exhaustion. All of this can cause fatigue of varying levels.
Fresh Ginger – An adaptogen for the adrenals, ginger root helps modulate cortisol levels, normalize blood pressure and heart rate, burn fat, and increase energy and metabolic rate. Ginger also stimulates digestive enzyme secretions for proteins and fatty acids.

      Liv-R - A modern compound for the healing and strengthening of the
            liver. It is recommended for any imbalances of the liver. Wildflower
            honey with Milk Thistle , Yellow Dock Root, Licorice Root, and 
            Dandelion Root.

Milk Thistle - Over the past forty years, intensive chemical, pharmacological and clinical research has confirmed the therapeutic value of milk thistle in a wide range of human liver-related and non-liver-related conditions. Literally hundreds of modern research studies have confirmed the remarkable ability of milk thistle to protect the liver and the body against virtually all types of damage. Additionally, the United States National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have catalogued more than 400 scientific studies of milk thistle and its active compounds in their medicine database. These studies reflect what generations past knew and depended on – that milk thistle is one of the most valuable and beneficial herbal remedies and treatments available anywhere in the world. Today, milk thistle is still one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world and is also the number one recommended natural herb for liver health. In fact, in Europe, milk thistle is a prescribed medication.
Yellow Dock Root - Traditionally, yellow dock root has been thought to be a blood purifier and general detoxifier, especially for the liver. The herb, properly known as Rumex crispus, supports detoxification from a few angles. First off, yellow dock root stimulates bile production, which helps digestion, particularly of fats. Yellow dock root can stimulate a bowel movement to help remove lingering waste from your intestinal tract; it also increases the frequency of urination to assist in toxin elimination. Maintaining an efficient rate of waste elimination can help prevent toxins from accumulating in the liver, gallbladder, and bloodstream and circumvent the associated problems.
Licorice Root  - Licorice root has been used by traditional medical practices for centuries to treat several diseases, including liver problems. The extracted main active compound of licorice root, glycyrrhizin (glis-i-rye-sen) is getting serious attention from the randomized, double-blind crowd lately. It's not enough that herbalism, Ayruveda, and Chinese Medicine have used licorice or the extract glycyrrhizin for liver ailments for thousands of years.
Dandelion Root – In the past 1,000 years, dandelion roots and leaves were used widely to treat liver problems and other body filtration imbalances . Native Americans also boiled dandelion in water and took it to treat kidney disease, swelling, skin problems, heartburn, and upset stomach.

​         X-trac- The best all in remedy for repairing urinary tract and 
               bladder infections. It aids in the cleansing and balancing in the 
               urinary and bladder regions while aiding in the rebuilding of both. 
               Wildflower honey with Uva Ursi, Marshmallow Root, and Corn Silk. 

Uva ursi - Uva ursi, Arctostaphylos uva ursi, is a urinary tract antiseptic and diuretic. More than a thousand years ago, the Chinese and Native Americans were using uva ursi to treat urinary tract infections in both men and women. This herb contains a substance called arbutin, which is converted in the urine to hydroquinone, a urinary antiseptic. Uva ursi is a natural diuretic - it literally flushes out the kidneys.
Marshmallow Root – Marshmallow soothes the urinary tract and also helps fight urinary tract infection in a way similar to uva ursi, although it is not quite as powerful. 
Corn Silk - A urinary tract infection is most commonly associated with a bladder infection. Bladder infections are generally caused by bacteria and germs that manage to get into the urinary tract system. Corn silk is an excellent and gentle home remedy that has been used for centuries as a result of its ability to help heal urinary tract infections. Since it works as an anti-inflammatory, it can help to tone down swelling that occurs as a result of the infection. This herbal remedy is great for helping to soothe the urinary tract which can relieve symptoms that are related to the infection such as painful urination. 

Pause Honey
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Relax Honey
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Gout Honey
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Adrenal Honey
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Liv-R Honey
Price: $24.00

X-trac Honey
Price: $26.00

          Seeing An incredible eye health compound. Not only does it 
                        rejuvenate your fatigued eyes but it helps in curing macular 
                        degeneration. Mesquite honey with Bilberry fruit, leaves and 
                              stems, Eye Bright, Camu Camu, and Lemon Balm. 
             Rebuilds the eyes and even aids in increasing your night vision

Bilberry - Bilberry (fruit or leaf) works its miracle by the nutritional support it lends to the small vessels in your eyes. Since the breaking down of blood vessels is one of the curses of old age, bilberry is especially useful as an anti-aging supplement. Basically, bilberry is effective for any part of the body that can be helped by lending support to the small vessels. It is said that bilberry is so effective that a single dose will improve one's night vision within hours.
Eye Bright – Eyebright has been used in ancient medicine compounds for eye conditions for centuries. The herb can be used to make a solution and then made into an eye wash or compress for inflammation. It was used for conjunctivitis, blepharitis, tired eyes, styes and eye irritation. Eyebright has been more commonly used orally as a supplement for eye irritation, eye strain and respiratory conditions such as allergies, bronchitis, colds and sinus infections.
Camu Camu - The fruit  is nature’s alternative to expensive and often ineffective vitamin C supplements. Along with the antioxidant and phytochemical benefits of other berries, the camu-camu berry boasts a higher natural vitamin C content than any other known plant with over 60 times the vitamin C of a single orange. Studies link Camu Camu to a reduced risk of many age-related eye conditions. Because of its high antioxidant content, it can strengthen all components of the eye and slow the signs of aging in vision. In fact, Camu Camu can support prevention of macular degeneration, which is the leading cause in blindness among the elderly. Other research indicates that Camu Camu is used to treat symptoms of cataracts and glaucoma. 
Lemon Balm - Lemon Balm has been used medicinally since the Middle Ages. It is has been used to relieve anxiety, stress and tension since that time and is still used today for those same illnesses. Lemon Balm helps heal naturally. Lemon Balm is a wonderful nerve tonic and used in this compound to relive the stress and fatigue of the eye and its supportive vascular network.

Seeing Honey
Price: $26.00

       Gall - A directed cleansing and rebalancing of the gallbladder. It helps open 
             and nourish the gallbladder that gets overwhelmed in this heightened toxin 
             environment. Meant to gently dissolve blockages and clear impediments.

Alfalfa - Alfalfa has played an important role as a livestock forage. Its use probably originated in Southeast Asia. The Arabs fed alfalfa to their horses, claiming it made the animals swift and strong, and named the legume “Al-fal-fa” meaning “father of all foods. Alfalfa is well-known for the treatment of diseases of gall bladder. This particular herb is very rich in nutrients and it is good for whole body support.
Anise Seeds - Anise seeds act to remove the stones from the gall bladder. Throughout history, people have used Anise seeds to treat a variety of ailments. The greenish seeds of the Pimpinella anisum were a highly-prized commodity in ancient Greece and Rome, and the seeds were so valuable in the East that they were often used to pay taxes.
Barberry Root - The gallbladder’s main job is to store the cholesterol-rich bile that’s secreted by the liver. Bile is what helps your body digest fatty foods. Barberry can be an effective gallbladder flushing agent. Barberry's ability to aid in the secretion of bile is key since cholesterol is excreted from the body almost exclusively via bile. Waste products also leave the body via bile secretion. However, this secretion can be impaired by a variety of factors, including a poor diet. By increasing the secretion of bile, barberry is excellent for improving the health of both the liver and gallbladder.

Gallbladder Honey
Price: $25.00

Arthriris Honey
Price: $25.00

           ArthritisArthritis is the most common ailment with aging people in the 
           world. And yet one of the most elusive to combat. Our formula eases the 
           pressure and inflammation throughout the body using Wildflower honey with  
             Nettle leaves and stems, Licorice Root, Turmeric, and fresh Ginger.

Nettle Leaves and Stems – The stinging nettle leaves and stems have been used for hundreds of years to treat painful muscles and joints, and specifically arthritis. 
Licorice Root – Licorice root is a natural herb used by many holistic health practitioners for various health and wellness needs, including the treatment of arthritis. South Korean researchers reported that licorice extract reduced inflammation and progression of collagen induced arthritis, which is an animal model of human rheumatoid arthritis, in mice.
Fresh Ginger – Ginger contains strong anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. These naturally occurring compounds help reduce pain and increase mobility in individuals who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Ginger not only lowers inflammation but it also has molecules that improve joint circulation.
Turmeric - The turmeric plant grows in India and Indonesia and is related to the ginger family (it is a common ingredient in curries). Curcumin is a key chemical in turmeric. Research has found that it reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness related to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA); treats bursitis.

Thyroid Honey
Price: $26.00

           ThyroidThyroid imbalances can be the hardest thing to correct. We have 
           a combination of herbs that target the thyroid and pituitary with natural 
           iodine and supplements to regenerate and improve proper functioning. Made 
           with Mesquite honey that's infused with Bladderwork, Ashwaghanda, Bacopa,  
           Acai  berry, and Licorice root.       

Ashwagandha– Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera, is a wonderful herb which can benefit many people with thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions. It seems to be more commonly recommended to people with hypothyroid conditions, but it can also benefit some people with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease.
Licorice Root – Many people who have suffered from hypothyroidism have found that licorice has been dramatically beneficial. People with hypothyroidism often produce lower levels of cortisol -- an hormone that helps your body cope with stress. Licorice stimulates the production of cortisol by the thyroid gland.
Bladderwrak – Bladderwrack, like many sea plants, contains varying amounts of iodine, which is used to prevent or treat thyroid disorders.
Acai Berry - The Acai berry, a native plant from Central and South America, has a global demand for its nutritional content. Aside from having a high anti-oxidant content, the fruit also is high in fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, strolls and vitamins. It could help relieve the symptoms of thyroid disorders.
Bacopa - Bacopa monnieri does help with thyroid function, it may be important in helping to counteract issues with weight gain and fatigue that are associated with the gland when it is underactive.

           ProstateProstate health is a large concern for all men as they grow older.  
           Incredibly up to 80 pecent of all men get prostate cancer. This supplement 
           improves prostate health and counters prostate imbalances using Wildflower
           honey with Nettle Root, Licorice Root, Saw Palmetto, Bee Pollen and fresh Ginger.

Nettle Root – The root contains the essential bioactive phytochemicals that are responsible for alleviating the symptoms of BPH. The root of stinging nettle has a different set of pharmacological properties from the other parts of the plant.
Saw Palmetto – For years, men with enlarged prostate glands have turned to a supplement called saw palmetto to ease their trouble with urination and other symptoms associated with BPH. Saw palmetto, also known as Serenoa repens or Sabal serrulatum, is an herb that is  taken from the partially dried ripe fruit of the American dwarf palm tree, which is indigenous to the coastal regions of the southern United States, from the Carolinas and Florida to California.
Fresh Ginger – The British Journal of Nutrition published the results of an American study recently in which ginger extract (zingiber officinale) actually killed human prostate cancer cells while healthy prostate cells did not die.
Licorice Root – Licorice root may also be used for assisting the treatment of prostate cancer. It has phytochemicals which may slow quick-growing cancer cells and possibly even stop precancerous cells from becoming cancerous. Licorice has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
Bee Pollen - Bee pollen is considered one of the best supplements for enlarged prostate. According to research, bee pollen is said to be roughly 70% effective in managing symptoms of BPH.

Prostate Honey
Price: $26.00

           Thyroid +- The thyroid periodically needs to be cleansed and restructured
           to return to natural balance. We have thyroid + that is for the concentrated 
           focus of reducing inflammation in the gland that makes it impossible to have           
           proper thyroid function. Made with Mesquite honey, Maca, Ashwagandha,
           Tribulus, Turmeric.        

Ashwagandha–  It seems to be more commonly recommended to people with hypothyroid conditions, but it can also benefit some people with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease. It will help both sides of the unbalance.
Maca – Women have found improvement in thyroid and adrenal function as well from maca, in as little as a few days. Maca is understood to compliment the level of the hypothalamus/pituitary axis and its functioning with the thyroid. Maca has created strong enough results in women to the point of being able to lower their levels of thyroid supplement.
Tribulus – Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris) is a plant referred to as puncture vine, it's often taken to enhance athletic performance or increase libido. Tribulus is also said to raise your levels of certain hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. Tribulus has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as in ayurvedic medicine. These compounds include antioxidants, as well chemical constituents with anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating, pain-reducing, and antibacterial properties
Turmeric - Turmeric as an antioxidant benefits in various thyroid disorders. Its anti-inflammatory agent
Curcumin has natural anti-inflammatory properties. This can benefit in conditions like thyroiditis, goitre and thyroid cancer. Curcumin acts on pro-inflammatory enzymes like COX and LOX in order to control inflammation from spreading. It benefits in hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

ThyroidPlus Honey
Price: $26.00

             Mind + - Created from our original brain food  formula, Mind + focuses 
           on the inflammation of the brain connected to Alzheimer's. This formula is
           shown to supplement the brain in nutrients and eradicating inflammation. It
           has Mesquite Honey, Cacao, Bacopa, and Mucuna, and Turmeric.

​Bacopa - An Ayurvedic herb for enhanced thinking and a supporter of memory function. Studies have shown an increase of 30 -40 percent short term memory improvement using just Bacopa.
Mucuna – A velvet bean that contains a powerful neurotransmitter (L-dopa) required for proper functioning of the brain. Direct nutrition for the brain and the benefits from it including increased focus and clarity. 
Cacoa - Cacoa contains serotonin which is the primary neurotransmitter in the human body. Cacao is also the greatest source of magnesium of any food. Magnesium balances brain chemistry and has a strong influence on feelings of ease and happiness. 
Turmeric - Turmeric is but one of many natural compounds and foods that just might provide some therapy for and protection against neurological disorders including dementia and Alzheimer's. There is mounting clinical evidence that turmeric can protect the brain from the onset as well as the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.Turmeric may eventually prove not only to protect us against disorders like Alzheimer’s, but actually reverse damage done by those diseases by actually regrowing brain cells.

Mind + Honey
Price: $26.00

​     Sugar - A formula for sugar imbalances. For thousands of years Indian 
            medicine has used this combination for diabetes and any related metabolic 
            sugar imbalances. A rare Prickly Pear honey combines with ancient herb of 
            Ceylon Cinnamon.

Prickly Pear- Could the answer to preventing, controlling and reversing your type 2 diabetes be found in the juice of a common cactus? The Opuntia Ficus-Indica is known as the Nopal cactus but is most commonly referred to as the prickly pear cactus. Nopal grows wild and abundant in desert climates such as Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California. Prickly pear cactus has been used medicinally for hundreds of years in Latin folk medicine and by southwestern Native American cultures. Its high levels of insoluble fiber help ward off diabetes. The fiber found in the flesh of the cactus slows the rate at which your body absorbs sugar, thereby keeping your glucose levels steady. Instead of sugar rapidly entering your bloodstream and causing insulin to spike, the prickly pear cactus acts as a gatekeeper by slowing down the absorption of sugar and naturally lowering your risk of diabetes. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, the prickly pear cactus can still help control symptoms by lowering your blood glucose levels.
Ceylon Cinnamin – A growing body of research suggests that regular supplementation with cinnamon could help in thwarting the onset of diabetes, and potentially even provide better relief than mainstream therapies for already-diagnosed diabetics. Cinnamon intake, either as whole cinnamon or as cinnamon extract, results in a statistically significant lowering in FBG [fasting blood glucose] .But where cinnamon has a real leg up on all those drugs prescribed for diabetes is its safety profile. Apart from isolated claims that the coumarin content in cinnamon could potentially be harmful to the liver -- one would have to consume ghastly amounts of cinnamon for it to ever become harmful, despite all the hype -- there are no harmful side effects associated with consuming therapeutic doses of Ceylon cinnamon which has 200 times less coumarin than everyday Cassia cinnamon.

Sugar Honey
Price: $25.00

           Ginger-AidInflammation is the leading cause of so many chronic conditions.  
          By  combining a Prickly Pear honey with our own organic grown ginger is what many 
          would call a cure all. A preventative for new inflammation and a  remedy for existing 
          conditions already caused by inflammation throughout the body.

Fresh Ginger – Ginger contains strong anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. These naturally occurring compounds help reduce pain and increase mobility in individuals who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Ginger not only lowers inflammation but it also has molecules that improve joint circulation.
​Prickly Pear - Prickly pear is widely cultivated and commercially used in juices, jellies, candies, teas, and alcoholic drinks. American Indians used prickly pear juice to treat burns, and prickly pear has a long history in traditional Mexican folk medicine for treating diabetes. Its use in treating diabetes, lipid disorders, inflammation, and ulcers, as well as its other pharmacologic effects, have been documented. 
Honey is the nectar of life. It can also heal sore throats, colds, coughs, ulcers, burns, and wounds. And when ingested with a healing herb, honey travels to the deepest tissues, transporting the chemical properties and the subtle energies of medicine to the cellular level.
Ginger-Aid Honey
Price: $26.00

Para-V Honey
Price: $26.00

​            Para-V -  For parasitic and intestinal microbes and the infections they cause. 
         Parasites are never a good thing, but thankfully they’re treatable with natural 
         remedies. Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, and Cloves are commonly used together to 
         kill off almost all parasitic infections. Mixed with our wildflower Honey they’re able 
         to break the parasite’s life cycle.

Wormwood-Wormwood is used to eliminate intestinal worms, especially pinworms and roundworms. Pinworms are the most common worm infection in the U.S. with pinworm eggs spread directly from person to person. Roundworms, or nematodes, are parasites that also infect human intestines.
Clove– Cloves are largely valued for their anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-parasitic properties. Cloves are rich in active compounds like Eugenols, which are known for their anti-septic and anesthetic properties. In this formula cloves act as an integral component to eradicating parasites for good as they target the eggs of the parasites.
Black Walnut Hull–Black walnuts are best known as a parasite treatment, but they have many other potential health benefits. Special compounds in these powerful nuts, and particularly green black walnut hulls, make them not only an effective anti-parasitic, but also a potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, fungicide and intestinal cleanser.

​            Recover -  For alcohol and drug recovery. Whether its just a hangover or
         recovering from a major surgery where strong drug therapy is used, this combination
         utilizes a Japanese herb that is famous for recovering from drug and alcohol overuse.
         Kudzu, Lucuma, Chamomile, Cacao, and Marshmallow Root are used together with our 
         wildflower Honey to make a supplement that helps you recover.

Kudzu-Kudzu’s root, flower, and leaf are used to make medicine. It has been used in Ancient medicine since at least 200 BC. As early as 600 AD, it was used to treat alcoholism. Today, kudzu is used to treat alcoholism and to reduce symptoms of alcohol hangover, including headache, upset stomach, dizziness, and vomiting. Kudzu is also used for heart and circulatory problems, including high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and chest pain; for upper respiratory problems including sinus infections, the common cold, hay fever, flu, and swine flu; and for skin problems, including allergic skin rash, itchiness, and psoriasis.
Lucuma– Beloved by the Incas, lucuma is a super nutritious Peruvian fruit that contains beta carotene, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium, and protein. Its maple-like taste makes it a sweet addition to smoothies, baked goods, and even ice cream. Viewed as a symbol of fertility and creation, lucuma was called the “Gold of the Incas” and was used for a variety of applications. Lucuma was also used throughout the centuries to support cardiovascular health.
Chamomile – Herbs ease alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms (from anxiety to insomnia) and help detoxify the body. They also may be used to reduce the addicted person's craving for alcohol and other drugs. Chamomile is especially helpful in that it influences the nervous system, gently encouraging a relaxed and sedated state. Helping a person recover with less negative effects from the detoxification.
Cacao - Cacao is the highest whole food source of magnesium, which also happens to be the most deficient mineral in the diet of modern cultures. Magnesium relaxes muscles, improves peristalsis in the bowels and relaxes the heart and cardiovascular system.
Marshmallow Root - Research suggests that antioxidants such as flavonoids found within marshmallow allow it to help prevent the formation of oxidative damage.  It protects healthy cells through a combination of mechanisms, including: forming cell adhesions, affecting growth of cells and the extracellular matrix, managing cytokine release, and destroying harmful cells (apoptosis). Marshmallow also speeds up healing by activating the immune system, specifically by facilitating a process called phagocytosis, which removes damaged or dead cells from the body.
           Revive- A combination of healing herbs to revive the body and common fatigue.  
           This supplement improves overall general health using Prickly Pear honey 
           with Peppermint, Marshmallow Root, Bee Pollen, and fresh Ginger.

Peppermint – Alternative health practitioners have long touted peppermint’s health benefits. It’s a natural way to relax the nervous system and it can benefit in easing digestive issues such as bloating, cramps. Quite simply, it’s a wonderful aid for many health issues and imbalances.
Marsmallow Root – Marshmallow can help you remain healthy and assists in fostering total resistance to illness. It’s best for preserving the kidneys and liver. It’s also helpful in detoxifying the body by efficiently removing dangerous toxins. Specialists usually make use of the marshmallow root for raising the body’s overall resistance to disease.
Fresh Ginger – Ginger has a long history of being used in lots of medicinal treatments. The root or stem known as the rhizome is packed with phenolic compounds that helps improve your digestive system, when consumed regularly. It is also able to reduce the feeling of nausea, and bolster your body’s immune system to combat the common cold, flu and other similar problems. If you’re feeling bad, you can count on ginger to perk you up!
Prickly Pear – The health benefits of prickly pear include its ability to lower cholesterol levels, improve digestive process, decrease the risk of diabetes, boost the immune system, stimulate bone growth, strengthen blood vessels, prevent certain cancers, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, aid in weight loss, and eliminate inflammation throughout the body.
Bee Pollen - Bee pollen rejuvenates your body, stimulates organs and glands, enhances vitality, and brings about a longer life span. Bee pollen's ability to consistently and noticeably increase energy levels makes it a favorite substance among many world class athletes and those interested in sustaining and enhancing quality performance.
           Kidney- A cleansing and balancing specifically for the Kidneys. This combination
         of Wildflower Honey with Ginger Root, Nettle Leaves, Gravel Root, and 
         Dandelion Root, gently clears the kidneys and bolsters their daily functioning.

Fresh Ginger – Ginger is packed with rich nutrient values, such as zingiberol, zingiberene and gingerol. They can speed up blood circulation and remove stasis to increase blood flow into the kidneys. This can improve ischemia and anoxia, which is good for kidney recovery. Besides, they can activate antioxidant pathways so as to protect your kidneys from being damaged further.
​Nettle Leaves - Nettle leaves have long been used as a diuretic to remove excess water from the body through the kidneys. This effect also makes nettle useful as adjunct therapy for treating urinary tract infections, because by increasing urinary volume, it may help to flush bacteria out of the kidneys and urinary tract. Some use nettle leaves for treating and preventing kidney stones.
Gravel Root - Gravel root, also known as Joe Pye weed, is a therapeutic herb that’s been around for centuries. Historical records from Turkey indicate its use as early as the B.C. era. Throughout history, many cultures have used gravel root as a remedy for an assortment of health complaints. Thought to be an antilithic (anti-stone) by Native American Indians, gravel root was traditionally considered an important tool for softening, dissolving, and promoting the passage of kidney stones.
Dandelion Root - dandelion contains a significant amount of magnesium, potassium and other important vitamins and minerals that strengthen the kidney.
Revive Honey
Price: $26.00

Kidney Honey
Price: $25.00

Recover Honey
Price: $26.00

           Harmony- The Third in our series of Thyroid Honeys. It is a jump starting     
          and supportive supplement for the thyroid. A wildflower honey utilizes the  
          Ayurvedic trio of herbs called Triphala along with a very powerful tree resign 
          called Guggul.

Triphala – Triphala is one of the best remedies for thyroid. Triphala creates support and good functioning of the thyroid. Triphala is an East Indian herbal formula composed of the powder of three fruits: amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki. The word ‘phala’ in Sanskrit means fruit. Fruit is the essence of the tree itself and these three fruits have different healing properties in part due to its five different tastes.There are very few herbs which include all five different tastes and are potent for physical, mental and spiritual health. Triphala has a purifying and enlightening effect on the mind. It benefits one’s spiritual health. These are the fruits of immortality. They allow you to rise above the fear of death, making you fearless. There are very few foods and herbs that have that effect altogether. The number one benefit of triphala is that it’s anti-aging. It has been shown to lengthen telomere enzymes. Telomere are enzymes that are at the flat end of your DNA that prevent it from unraveling.
Guggul – Guggul Myrrh is an herb that benefits the thyroid and the body in many ways. Its scientific name is Commiphora myrrha and is the same plant which produces the myrrh mentioned in the bible. Resin from the Guggul plant has been used medicinally since at least 600 BCE. Guggul, of course, is beneficial for the thyroid as it supports the normalization of T3/T4 levels, supports the thyroid’s ability to properly absorb iodine, and supports the activity of a number of important thyroid enzymes.  Guggul also has been reported to support normal blood sugar and a healthy weight. So, Guggul myrrh not only benefits the thyroid, but it also supports
 a normal inflammatory response, as well as supporting healthy cholesterol, blood sugars, and weight.
Harmony Honey
Price: $26.00

Shield Honey
Price: $26.00

           Shield- A cleansing and detoxifying formula specifically for Heavy Metal buildup 
          in the body. This combination of Wildflower Honey with Apple Pectin, Seaweed
          Raw Cucumber, and Lemon Peels concentrate on eradicating heavy metal toxicity 
          from many vaccinations and other heavy metal exposures

Apple Pectin –  Pectin is a complex carbohydrate, a soluble fiber found in the walls of plant cells. The actual amount of pectin found in the cells varies by each plant. Overall, pectin content is typically higher in legumes and certain fruits. Practitioners of Indian and Traditional Chinese Medicine have always used apples to remove heavy metals like mercury, copper, lead, arsenic from the body. A special property of pectins is their ability to bind heavy metals by a complexation mechanism. This is possible because pectins are negatively charged polyelectrolytes and can bind positively charged heavy metal ions. The binding affinity is very high for lead, followed by barium, cadmium and strontium and decreases to earth alkali and alkali ions. With that low methoxyl pectins are an antidote for heavy metal poisoning.
​Seaweed -  Seaweeds can help cleanse the body of toxic pollutants. The science behind it states that because these plants have high levels of alginic acid, they bind with any heavy metals in the intestines. This makes the heavy metals indigestible and so can safely be expelled from the body. It is a powerful aid to continuous detoxification because as well as being a natural nutritional supplement it contributes: ·a unique food source of all the micro-nutrients that improve metabolism.
Raw Cucumber - Cucumbers are full of vitamins and compounds that give the entire body a boost, making it an ideal food to include as part of a detox
Lemon Peels - Lemon Peels are an additional known source of heavy metal cleansers of the body. The peels have a high vitamin and pectin composition making it an additional healthy boost to this great formula.