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Ancient Native Remedies is a collection of compounds and therapies created
 in alignment with the wisdom of the Ancients. The herbs selected for the individual honeys are carefully chosen and prepared in a harmonizing way that makes them gentle yet potent, and the effects are usually immediate and beneficial.

Each honey is designed to address a particular issue or illness, and the inherent dimension of the relevant honey addresses the problems with clarity and effectiveness. Collectively these remedies are the most useful version of healing I have found in my over 40 year career as a veterinarian.  

                                                                -S Anne Smith, OMD. VMD, AZ

These remedies are my "go to". And, the colloidal silver sprays are a godsend! I keep several bottles in different strengths at home, at the barn and our vacation home. I can't remember the last time I had a doctor visit! 

                                                                     -Donna D. Carefree, AZ

Bless you for all you do! I am so grateful for your products and 
services! Thank you!  
                                                                         -Karen, San Diego, CA

So my doctor had me on Testosterone for about a year when tests showed my adrenal glands were fried. A friend told me about Ancient Native Remedies' Adrenal Honey. I tried it for a couple months and about that time went in for routine blood work. Well my testosterone levels had tripled! My doctor immediately cut my testosterone supplementation by more than half. I believe the Honey helped my adrenals recover to the point they were producing testosterone despite the pharmaceutical and I'll choose natural supplements over prescriptions every time. I'm hopeful to come off the testosterone within the year.
                                                                           -Edwin S. Concho, AZ

I am so pleased to be a customer of a business such as yours. I had two severe sinus infections back to back this winter. All my usual natural remedies were not able to help. I started using the Micro Colloidal Silver spray and within two days, the infection ceased. One word for the product: AWESOME. I have also used the honey’s for my dog, who had heart disease and I’m sure they helped extend his life and help him to stay comfortable. It was the only product he would take without resistance. Thank you so much for your products!!!  

                                                                             Ariana, Yelm WA

Recently I had a bad case of bronchitis and used “ Breath” as my medicine.
It was so soothing and helped me recover faster than I would have without it. 

                                                                  Patricia Bewley, Phoenix AZ

For several years an irregular heart beat had me convinced I had a serious heart condition. I went through many testing procedures all of which showed my heart was normal. Aboutthat time someone (doctor) suggested it might be a digestive issue, a spastic colon. The colon runs through the upper abdomen right beneath the heart. I tried Ancient Native Remedies Tum Tum honey and the 'irregular heartbeat' almost immediately ceased! I've since found that Tum Tum helps soothe almost all of my digestive issues that happen from time to time. Thanks....
                                                                     ANR. Ken S., Tempe, Arizona

There just aren't enough nutrient dense foods in our current mono culture agricultural system to provide our organs with the elements they need to function optimally. My husband takes a little Earth Honey daily to support his liver and kidneys. As a regular user of inflammatories like ibuprofen and tramadol his organs really need the support. I use Earth for general nutritional support and to offset some of the iron loss incurred during my monthly cycle. It is a very spiritually grounding compound and appropriately called Earth! 

                                                                      Patricia M., Snowflake, AZ
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